In 2014 we undertook an evaluation of our work by speaking to those that have been involved in our courses.

Evaluation Report Reconnect

“Reconnect offers something unique to people who have been out of work long term. This includes people who
have experienced serious mental health problems, who are recovering from drug and alcohol abuse, or who
are experiencing multiple disadvantages.

The social enterprise has an inclusive, user-led and supportive approach to its activities and organisational
development. It also has a person-centred ethos, where everyone is valued as an individual who has
something to contribute to the group, in their own time and in their own unique way.

The organisation empowers people through providing activities that enable a sense of ‘reconnection’ with the
natural world, with themselves and with others. Many participants benefit in a wide range of ways, including:
increased confidence; interpersonal skills (team work, communication and presentation skills)l; creative
expression skills (art, writing, digital media); nature awareness and wilderness skills and improved mental and
physical wellbeing. The organisation offers participants a ‘journey’, enabling each person to progress at their
own pace and in their own way, whether that be into further learning activities, voluntary work, or employment.

The videos, newspaper and book that Reconnect participants have produced in a very short time are
testament to the success of the organisation in engaging, inspiring and supporting participants in their
developmental journeys. These media speak volumes about the benefits to participants and their enjoyment of
their experiences with Reconnect.”