Nature connection learning resource for schools and young people

Nature connection learning resource for schools and young people

January 16, 2022 blog resources 0

Ever since the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic our relationship with nature has shifted. The woods, parks, rivers, lakes, coastlines on our doorsteps, that many of us took for granted, have now become our lifelines during lockdown. Going for walks outside was one of our top coping strategies and 45% of people reported being in green spaces had been vital for our mental health.  Wild swimming has increased massively and the words nature and mental health have been appearing together more and more.*

At the same time we’ve also seen a surge in interest in Forest Schools and a focus on young people in nature. Nature connection is increasingly understood as an important part of a young person’s education and development.

The wide-ranging benefits include:

  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Improved empathy for, and understanding of, ecosystems.
  • An improved sense of ‘eco-citizenship’.
  • Empowerment to take action – rather than despair in the face of contemporary challenges.

However, for many teachers (as it is for learners) nature connection is new territory. So we’re pleased to share this new resource developed by Jasmine Dale, which aims to give teachers the confidence to plan and deliver nature connection sessions, with any group, of any age and ability, and through any part of the curriculum.

It contains:
▪ ‘Flow learning’, around which any nature connection activity can be structured.
▪ Sample lesson plans, demonstrating how nature connection activities can be delivered in
▪ A mapping of nature connection to the four purposes of the Curriculum for Wales.
▪ Links for further information and resources, for those wanting to find out more about nature

Nature Connection_A resource for Schools and Young People

Download here:

Cysylltiad a Natur_Adnodd ar gyfer Ysgolion a Phobl Ifanc

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This resource was developed by Jasmine Dale, as a Renew Wales ‘Innovation Initiative’.
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*NOTE: We recognise the inequality of access to green and blue spaces. So while spending time in nature may have increased for some, for others it may have got worse during the pandemic.